Friday, October 8, 2010

A Comic Guide to Limits Part 1: When Limits Exist

Some may find this useful. There were some insightful comments in the old blog regarding the model used here. They dealt primarily with the conflict between the concept of "arbitrarily closer" and the granular nature of the model. The model used here clarified the difference between finding the limit of f(x) as x approached c and f(c) for students, and is intended as a supplement. I found this helped students get a practical understanding on how to evaluate limits.

To be honest, I haven't spent much on this since. I stopped working on it to reflect a bit on whether something like this is helpful or harmful. As time passed, I just tabled it. There's a few more parts to this comic series. In the other parts I examine situations when limits do not exist and continuity of a function. If anyone is interested, let me know and I might resume work on those and post them on here.

In any event. Here it is. Comments welcome.

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