Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sum of Interior Angles

Posted here for fellow math teachers. Click on File then Save As to save a copy. Click Options followed by Rounding and selected the desired number of decimal places. Suggestions, comments, questions, and requests are welcome.

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Mr. H, Created with GeoGebra


  1. I put a few questions on the file and posted it on the Geogebra Uploader site. I also used this handout in unison with the applet. I chose to remove the text boxes because I wanted my students to calculate the sum of the angles. I put it together pretty quickly, so I don't know if this is necessarily an improvement. My students (8th graders) did have a little trouble coming up with a formula, so I think some tweaking will need to be done. Thanks again for putting this together!

  2. Thanks for sharing and for commenting here with the link to the changed applet. I'm having trouble accessing the handout. I'll try again later. It's always interesting to me the choices teachers make about what information to provide or hide and then go about asking questions that guide students to discover a pattern or property.