Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Jeremy Lin vs The Ghost (Simulation)

This is a follow up post to Jeremy Lin vs The Ghost (Finding Patterns).

So you've done the calculations and want to know if you're on the right track. Here's a simulator you can use to check your answer. Run the simulation a few times to get an idea of the range of values. If you increase the number of games simulated, you'll see the numbers stabilize. The simulator is as is with no warranties or guaranteed expressed or implied. :)

The default values verifies the answer in the previous post. Run it a few times. For a more precise answer, run it with a larger number of games simulated (1000, 10000, etc).

Probability of Success (%):Presets:
1) Make: 4 Miss: 4
2) Make: 21 Miss: 7
Show Output
Number of shots made for win:
Number of shots missed for loss:
Number of games:

Jeremy Lin vs The Ghost
Jeremy Lin vs The Ghost (Finding Patterns)
Jeremy Lin vs The Ghost (Simulation)

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